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Meet Lupita Nyong’o’s first cousin Kitt Kiarie


They call themselves besties and were apparently very close when they were young until star Lupita Nyong’o got little sisters.

Little or not much is known about Lupita’s first cousin Kitt Kiarie, except that she has a Vlog and describes herself as fun and lover of life.

So just exactly how is Kiarie related to Nyong’o?

Nyong’o’s mother Dorothy Nyong’o and Kiarie’s mother are apparently sisters hence making them first cousins.

In a new vlog, Kiarie and Nyong’o formally addressed their relationship after apparently very many questions from fans.

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“Every single time I have a question tag, you know that ask me anything on Isntagram?… everybody is like are you related to Lupita, is Lupita your Cousin, Is Lupita your sister? Bla… bla…” Kiarie.

To which Lupita answers, “well this is your confirmation.”

Thirty four year old Kiarie describes herself as a professional infant and toddler sleep coach.

She and Lupita went to the same school, St. Mary’s School Nairobi though at different times.

Kiit Kiarie with her first cousin Lupita Nyong’o