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Meet Mathare’s male traditional midwife who uses herbs and ‘God’ to help women deliver


A male traditional midwife in Mathare area 4 has recounted his experience in helping women give birth in the female dominated sector.

Peter Otieno Onyango popularly known as Japolo says that he has manged to birth many children who had come with some very serious birth challenges.

He says he has even delivered babies who were breach without having to take them through surgery.

“There are women who come to me with their babies in seated position, but I help them to have the normal delivery. Just there other day a woman came to me with a delivery complication, her baby was coming out with the feet first instead of the head (a condition medically known as breach) the hospital had asked her to go for surgery but i successfully delivered the baby without an complications,” he says.

“Some are however very complicated that i have to refer them to hospitals,” he says.

Onyango says that his major challenge comes when he needs transport to transport women with complications to the hospital.

Onyango who belongs to the Legio Maria Faith says that he not only relies on traditional herbs to help the women but also God.

“I get my herbs from Siaya County, some are available within Nairobi. And because I am a very prayerful man, I always ask God to guide me,” he says.

The male midwife who has more than 38 years experience in handling women, says several young girls have also approached him to procure abortions for them but has however turned them down due to his faith.

“My job is to help, not to destroy lives. The moment I help a woman to procure an abortion, that will make me a murderer and I do not want God to name me a sinner in his books, I want to be in the book of everlasting life as someone who did good by helping omen give birth,” he said.