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Meet Nairobi’s Most Educated MCA

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Kenyan MPs and MCAs might have breathed easy after the High Court quashed the degree requirement that demanded aspirants for parliamentary and county assembly seats to have degrees.

But amid the jitters and the uneasiness on whether to have or not to have degrees, a female MCA sits pretty since she is currently working on what educationists call the highest level of an education, a Philosophy Degree (PhD).

Mary Ariviza Mwami who was nominated by the ODM Party to the Nairobi County Assembly is presumably Nairobi’s if not Kenya’s most educated MCA, with two degrees and Philosophy Degree in the works

 For one to acquire a PhD, you must at least have a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree.

But just exactly how has Ariviza’s education journey been?

Ariviza, popularly known by her peers as Arivi was born in Vihiga County. At class five she moved to Nairobi and joined Muguga Green Primary School along Waiyaki Way.

At Muguga Greens Primary School, her class set a record of students that went to good high schools in Nairobi that has never been broken.

She then proceeded to Moi Girls High school where she also sat for her A Levels. At Moi Girls she missed going to the then only University in Kenya, University of Nairobi by a point.

She then put up an application to join a teachers training college as an alternative.


“I was disappointed but I had to take what was handed me. Even the teachers college calling letter came in a bit late. By then I had already joined the Baptist Media Broadcasting Group,” she says.

Just after she had joined Baptist Media Broadcasting Group Ariviza received a letter to join Egoji Teachers College where she graduated with a P1 Certificate.

From Egoji, she was posted at the Muthaiga Primary School. Ariviza has also taught in several Primary Schools in Nairobi including Satelite Primary and Catholic Parochial located in the CBD.

She then joined Daystar University where graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Education, English Language and Literature and Music.

She then got a promotion and was posted to the Kenya High School to teach English while at the same time teaching part time at the University Of Nairobi.

She then took another study leave to do her Masters at the United States International University (USIU) where she did her masters in Counselling Psychology where she also practiced as a Graduate Assistant Lecturer English. This paid her school fee at USIU.

At USIU she taught a bit of English before she moved to the University of Nairobi where she taught from 2007 to 2011.

The educationist has a strong opinion about MCAs having degrees.

“I highly recpmmend leaders to get an education in class which changes who they are as opposed to getting backstreet degrees which do not change who they are or their world view” she says.



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