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Meet Nyota Ndogo’s Mzungu Husband (Pics)


nyota4We are living in an era where the terms sponsors and donors are frequently used especially by girlfriends groupies during their gossip chit chat moments thanks to socialite Huddah and Joe Muchiri.

Now,if you don’t know what the “Kenyan” slang has translated the above words into…then you must have been living under the rocks.”Sponsors” are preferably old men- commonly whites who furnish Kenyan girls with flashy lifestyles in exchange of company and in most cases sex.

That said,not only these city (Nairobi and Mombasa) ladies are in for the sponsorship package but also a number of local celebrities.

Songstress Nyota Ndogo has however also fallen victim to critism and public lashing by some fans who call her mzungu husband a a sponsor.

The Watu Na Viatu singer has however brushed aside the lashing and has finally unveiled her husband to the world…proudly.

In his birthday-he happens to be a January baby-Nyota Ndogo has decided to wish him a happy birthday through a hearty letter reading;

“Happy birthday to you my love.kama kukupenda nimakosa sitaki kua sawa duniani”.

Meet the guy and the house he built the “Watu Na Viatu ” Songbird below;