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Meet Popular Street Dj Arika’s Family (Pics)

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FB_IMG_1454953952665(1)He is arguably amongst the best and surviving street Deejays in Kenya while the likes of Dj Mantix,Dj Bunduki and the rest are fading away from the limelight slowly.

Competing with the likes of Dj Lytta and a number of other upcoming,the hilarious mix master stands out for fusing his mixes with hilarious memes tapped from trending stories just to mention Kanyari’s “Weka Maji Kwa Glasi Na Usibishanebishane na mimi” famous line or much the popular movie Deejay/Mc Dj Afro’s ribs cracking lines.

Arika is so big that in January 2015,his Mixx emerged the second most played mixx worldwide beating the likes of Dj Kalonje.

However,with the listenership command on matatus,much about Arika’s identity not to say his identity is known.

Apparently,the former Dagoretti Boys student is a proud husband and father who does not shy away from appreciating them. Just recently,the Deejay hailing from Ruai surprised his around 4 years old daughter-Tashley when he showed up with a surprise birthday party right in her classroom!!!

Remember how that felt??? Arika is such a loving “baba”.

Check them out;



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