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Meet Ruaraka’s Crime Buster, Jakababa

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Jakababa, a police officer based in Ruaraka police station is the talk of town in Ruaraka area following his massive support in the fight against crime and lawlessness in the area.

According to residents the youthful officer who patrols alone in the area has devised ways of engaging youth on matters crime.

‘‘He has reformed this  area… before arresting you Jakababa will give you chance to change or rectify whatever you are doing wrong and we have seen many of these gang members reforming day by day.’’ Joyce Atieno Kasabuni resident said.

David Achola a village elder says Jakababa’s efforts have transformed Kasabuni, Grogon and Kariadudu because of his firmness and good approach.

‘‘When he arrests you he does not need to escort you to the police station, his moves are tricky and as a community we feel that Jakababa is God sent. Many criminals have disappeared due to his swiftness,’’ Achola said.


In other confessions Achola termed him as a wise officer who does not use bullets to fight crime further exonerating him from extrajudicial killing cases.

‘‘Jakababa follows the law fully we do not have a single case where he has gunned down a suspect in Ruaraka but instead he arrests them and takes them to the police station,’’ he added.

Steven Ochieng’ another resident at Kasabuni has applauded him for whipping out criminals at Ngoomongo Bridge, and Redeemed area where criminals have been using as hideouts.

‘‘For less than a year Jakababa has been able to tap these criminals even in the wee hours of the night ..these places are now safe and residents can walk freely at any time,’’ Ochieng’ said.

‘‘He patrols alone but heavily armed , he does not have expected time to strike  I think these  are major contributors to his success in dealing with criminals  in this area and as a community when an officer does well then it is our duty to support them,” he added.



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