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Meet Tanzania Boxer Mandonga Who Fights With His Mouth


Mandonga Fights With His Mouth

Boxing requires stamina, a combination of great punches and timely ducking,this does not necessarily apply to Karim Mandonga the Morogoro bred Tanzanian fighter who’s currently an internet sensation thanks to his hilarious pre and post bout interviews delivered with gusto.

Mandonga’s fight reels have all gone viral, his photo’s form crazy memes on the internet showing him drunk from the opponent’s heavy blows.

“Mimi ni mtu wa watanzania mwanangu ndio maana watanzania wote wanampenda Mandonga mtu kazi wanakwambia aje ata apigwe ngumi afie ulingoni sisi tupo na Mandonga” he said during a past interview.

Wether he’s sent to the canvas or not,Mandonga maintains his cameraderie of crazy stunts and spurring into the air like a real victor.

In his recent challenge against Salim Abeid, the former showed immense growth as he commanded the fight from it’s onset almost sending Salim to the ropes amid heavy applause of ‘Mandonga, Mandonga’ from the crowd.

Before that meeting Mandonga had sent a stern warning to Salim just as he does to all of his opponents.

“Nina ngumi inaitwa ndoige, hii ngumi ndoige ndio ngumi ya kigeni ambayo ngumi hiyo ukikaa kushoto mbele unakutana nayo, ukikaa kulia unakutana nayo, ni ngumi ambayo inakunja kona yaani ngumi hii ikitumwa kama parapanda yaani ngumi hiyo haimuachi mtu salama “he partly stated then unapologetically.

The tide suddenly changed on Mandonga as he was mysteriously sent sprawling on the canvas in the fourth round.

Song To His Name

Mandonga has risen to celebrity status within a short period by being a darling of the press. Bongo Star Belle Nine famed for the song ‘Sumu Ya Penzi’ penned a song ‘Mandonga’ in praise of the pugilist.

“Mtu shazi mtu kazi mi Mandonga waziwazi Moro town flag naiweka kwenye hadhi washindi wa mchongo bongo wengi mavi mavi wakiniona wote chupi chini wanaomba radhi” Goes part of the lyrics.

Mandonga is definitely reminding us to be happy no matter the circumstances. What’s your take? Share your thoughts on the comments section.

By Steve Osaka


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