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Meet teacher giving sex talks to slum girls in Kayole


A teacher from Soweto slums in Nairobi has started an initiative to empower young girls with sex and reproductive health talk .

Teacher Agnes Wangui a teacher by profession says that she started the initiative in May after cases of young girls getting pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic started going up.

Speaking to ghetto Radio news Wangui says that apart from empowering young girls she also gives them lunch and sanitary towels every Wednesday and Friday.

“Some time back in the month of March when there was some issues of early pregnancies announced in many counties. So i took it upon myself as a teacher to educate these young girls and mentor them, because most of them are a risk of being involved in things like rape and substance abuse and their parents are unable to closely monitor them because of the daily engagements,” she said.

When she started, Wangui’s initiative only had 20 girls but the number has currently grown to 100 girls.

“Getting this children to come to this forum is not easy because most of them engage in hustles like washing clothes for other people to make sure that they have food on the table at the end of the day,” said Wangui.

She is also appealing to well wishers to help her meet the cost of sustaining the initiative saying that the cost of maintaining it has been become a bit expensive.

“To get them come here, i have to make sure that i have people on the ground to call them to make sure that at least they are here,” said Wangui.