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Meet the diver who has retrieved more than 70 bodies from Githurai “killer” dam


The Githurai killer dam has been long known for the life it has claimed over the years with no solutions being found yet.

George Wahome a  self trained swimmer from Githurai Says”I have retrieved more than 70 bodies from the dam 40 of them being children while 30 are adults  from the time he started living in Githurai”

Wahome also said ”most of the people who have lost their lives here have come to the dam for swimming and end up drowning while others are people who have committed suicide. “

He has also helped in retrieving bodies of people who have drowned in the dam through road accidents like the one witnessed a few weeks ago.

Wahome is an unsung hero who does his job out of passion with the Kiambu women representative Gathoni Wamuchomba having promised to provide employment to him but that is yet to happen.

According to residents the dam came as a result of the clayworks company digging up raw products from the field  when water from underground filled up the area and became a dam which is now a breeding site for criminal activities

The dam also borders a football pitch posing an eminent danger to the players with community asking the county government to find a solution to avoid more lives being lost.