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Meet the Godfather Reggae deejay rocking your Airwaves on Supa Friday


He’s been serving reggae fans some good music on Jahmrock Doba and has garnered a huge fan base as one of the most loved deejays of Reggae music.

So who is this legendary reggae deejay?

Deejay Charra started deejaying as a versatile deejay back in 2006 before then he later decided to specify in playing reggae music in the year 2008.

Within the period he started off, he toured and played in so many clubs outside n within Nairobi before joining Ghetto Radio in 2012 as part of the Entertainment Crew as one of the Djs.

It’s also during this time that he got the opportunity to play live on Ghetto radio both as a co-host and as a deejay.

What would you say is the biggest achievement in your career?

“I have achieved a lot, toured and played on big stages with International Reggae Artists/Deejays, which has also helped me perfect my skills and learn more within the Industry.” he said

Charra says the lowest moment in his career was most definitely the road he travelled to realize his dream because back then it was really tough to make it as a deejay.

He adds that Deejaying is now a career like any other, unlike what it used to be in yester years but maintains that despite that fact, it is still not a field for everyone.

“What you should always remember is that deejaying is not a game for everybody to play. Though, deejays contribute so much in spreading the music through their craft, and thus educate all the generations, both young and old, the Industry has grown in terms of numbers. Since we have quite a good number of deejays around, Our work space is becoming too small for all of us, and the value of a deejay is depreciating. We deejays need to spread our wings and grow with the changing trends.” he adds

Join Dj Charra every Friday night for a fantastic Supa Friday which he describes as a day like no other.

“Ghetto radio’s SuperFriday, is a day like no other. It kick starts your weekend right from morning till midnight, for the reggae lovers.  This is a day we all team up to play u good reggae music all day long and It’s not about who plays better, who doesn’t play this or that but it’s all about Pure Niceness on 89.5 of course teaming up with Supa deejays, Katta, Double Trouble and Bling to bring you pure Reggae throughout the day.” he added

Parting shot: “To our fans, If u are one of our JAHMROCKDOBA family or a new comer receive a warm welcome. Our train takes off 8pm till midnight every Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fridays. You need no ticket nor baggage to get on board, all you need is  clean hands and be pure at heart.”