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Meet the one night stand women

Meet the one night stand women

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So lately on Facebook I have noted with a lot of concern women complaining about  how they get deceived by  men  and later ‘’unajipata kwa mwanamme in short ulitekwa ama kuchipoiwa ‘’ as its commonly referred .

Lets be honest  ladies need to style up or otherwise you will wake up in different new beds for a very long time.

So I hear ,nowadays when women are invited for coffee dates or drinks they basically show up with no cash ,so once the guy appears you are at his mercy . Why would a mature Lady leave the house with no cash at all, am not against coffee  dates but be wise ensure you have a bit of cash with you for your own safety.

First date meetings should always be in an outdoor set up, you meet this cute guy online and after a few weeks of chatting he invites you to his house and you agree? Why? Never agree to meet a new guy in his house, make sure you actually choose the meeting point where you feel safe.

Another lot is the one that can never control its drinking habits. You get into this joint looking all hot and sexy and guys will be fighting to buy you drinks ,and before you know it its 7am waking up in a new bed.

If you know you can’t control your drinking habits always ensure your ‘’bestie’ accompanies you .

Then as you continue discussing about ‘’Mafisi’’ ,there are female ‘’Fisilets’’ who basically do not care who they get to bed with, they will be with John,Dick and Harry as long as he has something to offer.

So before you post online of how you were taken advantage of by a random guy ‘’Jichunguze kwanza’



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