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Believe it or Not, She Was Born A Man Then……….


saharWe have heard lots of stories of transgender people who have  gained courage to publicly fight for their rights and live a normal life irregardless of the public perception.

Incase you are asking , the term  “transgender”, refers to people whose sexuality changes as they grow up due to body defects and hormonal changes.

So there is a Nigerian transgender model who has survived all persecutions, negativity and suicidal challenges and come out of the bag bold and hot. Miss Sahhara is a glorious beauty who was born  male but experienced fetish puberty changes.

As fate would have it, Miss Saharra has used her “blessing in disguise” to create a name for herself.

“I am shocked that I have gained so much fame, success in a span of time after being jailed just because people branded me ‘gay’ since I was born male. What matters most is not what sexuality one is at birth but how one prefers as they grow up. Many of my sisters and brothers fought for their identity some died and others still afraid of coming out publicly. On November 20th is a transgender day of Remembrance for all those transgender people who died fighting for their rights. For me its a dream come true for who I am after going through suicide attempts and being jailed”,she quoted.

The trans phobia issue hasn’t only been a major talk  on social media  but moreover its has been a challenge for the people born with the defect.

Bold and Beautiful is what I’d call Miss Sahara. Check her out;