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Meet The Young Lady Willing To Become A Lesbian Just To Date Huddah(PHOTOS)


phoebe3The rise of socialites in Kenya has sadly turned our kids into mentally ill nuts. The socialites have become small gods who aren’t talented in any way to be emulated.

Western behaviors have found their way through these social media platforms that these socialites have master influence.

Snapchat and Instagram have been the major platforms where all sort of madness from nudity to crazy confession as it is in the case of @mini.phoebe, a lady Instagram user  who confessed that she’d turn gay for Huddah Monroe.

Checking from her Instagram account, Phoebe is a young girl in her late teens or in her early twenties whose mental morality has been corrupted by Huddah’s semi nude photos and the “Perfect” altered body that makes her contemplate changing her sexual orientation from a straight girl to some crazy lesbian-minded lass.

It is unfortunate and shameful that  Phoebe publicly confessed this on the comment box on Huddah’s page.

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Mukami Kanyi