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Meet these annoying Matatu users

Meet these annoying Matatu users


By Elishifa Wangeshi

You see , almost half of Kenya’s  population commute to and from work  by use of public  service vehicles . (Matatus)

But have you ever boarded a matatu and felt like alighting halfway because of the crazy passengers you encounter.? Am sure you answer is yes

There is this lot of passengers who think they are the only Kenyans who got  phones  they will hold conversations for close to 1hr and that’s not the issue but  they cannot even lower their voices and  will make you feel more stressed, as if you already had not had a bad day with your boss in the office.

Then comes this lot who have never seen, purchased  or held deodorant ,they get into the matatu (Especially Men) and all over sudden  the  smell that  hits you  can send in you into a coma. Kindly Men kuna very cheap deodorants that can keep you fresh round the clock.

Now comes the lot that periodically transforms the matatu into a dining room, ‘’Sanford chips and chicken ‘’ and irregardless of any passenger on board who hasn’t had a meal the entire day they will  ‘’rarua’’ the chicken and once in a while unaangukiwa na mifupa ya kuku.

Lets mention  the plus size passengers, Yes we aint blaming you ,but if you basically know you fit on two normal pasenger seats just pay for the two. They will squeeze you to the end and  ‘’kila wakati mnaruka Bump unaokotwa chini’’.

And finally there is the sleepy lot  that decides your shoulder is their pillow. And in most cases will drool saliva and loud  snores.

Lets all learn  to accomodate each other ,till we are all in a position to purchase our Personal cars.