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Meet US Rapper, Filmmaker JT Bigga Figga Conquering Kenyan Grounds

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US rapper, Film maker and businessman Joseph Tom commonly known as JT Bigga Figga is  conquering the Kenyan market with prospects in music, film and real estate.

Born and bred in Fillmore San Francisco California in the Us JT Bigga Figga is an accomplished rapstar, Film producer and record executive with a career spanning over thirty years.

 “You’ve got to be as hungry as ever because if you just lay back and give up you grow old and useless,” says JT Bigga Figga in his book ‘The C.E.O Manual.

Coming from a humble background JT Bigga Figga proved to be a force to reckon with in the Hip hop world with not only his out of the world delivery but also his marketing skills when he sold over 400,000 copies of his Cd records alongside sold out designed merchandise.

This happened after undergoing a very dark period in his life ,he was withdrawn from a record deal and the studio he was working from got robbed. He picked himself up and bounced back to glory.

He’s credited with the discovery of hip hop Star The Game, he’s the man behind The Game’s two albums ‘The Untold Story and QB2 Compton’.

His film company The Trapflix also partnered with Snoop Dogg on a promotion in 2006 in San Francisco on a film and a magazine based on marketing and promotion.


Giving Back To The Community

Having enjoyed massive success in his life, JT Bigga Figga gives back heavily to the community as a way of thanking his maker for the endless opportunities in his life.

He has sponsored artist’s in Burkina Faso and Lagos, he’s also in the line of working with musicians and has already worked with veteran Genge Star Juacali,rapper Breeder Lw, El Four El Lawi,Dj Katta among others.

He also sunk two water wheels in Burkina Faso supplying water to the neighborhood and built a mansion which provides affordable housing to visiting tourists.

Back in Kenya he’s in the process of establishing atleast ten water wells in Makueni County and has already procured land for developing a structural building for local and international tourists.


By Steve Osaka


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