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Meet Vera Sidika’s Mother. (pic)


VERA2A lot has been rumor mongered regarding Vera Sidika’s relationship with her family. As a matter of facts ,the reason is nothing but all negativity and words like neglection chipping in.

It is alleged that the queen of socialites doesn’t take care of her family and that they live in abject poverty at the coast whilst she is busy partying in China,driving “Mchinku” fellas crazy. Vera has found herself on this receiving end especially when Huddah is brought in as a subject comparison. Huddah shamelessly declare the love for her mother publicly through her social media platforms,well Vera doesn’t. This doesn’t mean she does love and care for hers.

On the contrary,Vera’s mum seems all fine and “sorted” if a photo doing rounds on a local tabloid is anything to go by.

Maybe Vera is wise enough to keep her mother and family off the public eye unlike Huddah.

All said,here is a photo of Vera Sidika seemingly young mother courtesy of Ghafla;