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Meet “Wakanai WakaWaka” Kaaaarekiiiiii- Kenya Most Hated Man By Ladies. (Pics)


wakaThe quest for making money online landed me on Kilimani Mums Marketplace, Kilimani Mums Uncensored and lots of “Kilimani Mums” bla bla bla……well, it is a good place to be at. Its a small local “Google”….I mean, you will get all the answers you need there.

However,apart from endless business promotions adverts, i must say 70% of the members are attention seekers. Posts like “Haloo Mums, Am turning 33 today, hizo birthday wishes zikuje bila wivu…..Haloo Mums, wapi hizo selfie za mother and son,yangu ndio hii. Mums, marriage is beautiful when you find the right person, me and my lovely husband, postini zenu tuone nani anashare na mwingine,” are also part of the MADNESS you will encounter on this Kilimani Mums groups. And the comment box will read 2033 comments, 4200 Likes.

Finally, ROASTING. Kilimani Mums are worse than KOT. Ask Wakanai Wakawaka.

Wakanai Wakawaka is a popular radio voice known for spitting venom against women on a local morning breakfast  radio show before closing with his popular out row phrase, “KAAAAREKIIII”.

You have heard that guy right??? On your matatu radio whilst going to work in the morning, yes that one. Well his face was just revealed and ladies on Kilimani Mums are Roasting him badly.

Ladies hate him. Why? He always talks ill of them on radio and  that’s why they want you to see his face and well……perfect body shape.

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