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Mejja denies Accusing Jalang’o Of Trying to recruit him to wash wash business


Gengetone musician Mejja has distanced himself from a twitter account operating under his official name.

Mejja says that the comment was made through a parody account on Twitter using his name.

The musician who is not on Twitter says that he will be forced to open an account to stop people from using his name wrongly.

 “Siko Twitter Hii Ni FAKE ACCOUNT Wadau Itabidi Ni Fungue Juu Ya Hii Ufala!!!! Shukran Kwa Wale Wasee Wame Ni DM NiJue,” wrote Mejja.

The twitter account under Mejja’s name was claiming that Jalango had tried to recruit him to doing ‘wash wash’ business but he refused to join.

The account holder also wrote that, “… Mimi nilikataa kuingia Wash Wash. Kuibia Wakenya nayo siwezi. Avoid those people. He tried to convince me lakini wapi together we’re gonna end corruption,” wrote the account.

However, his fans attacked him on the comment section saying that he should open a twitter account rather than ranting on social media.


“Si ufala, that’s a real fan and the person is just marketing you to your Twitter fans juu umekataa kujoin hizo miaka zote.. You should instead thank the person. Fika bei akuuzie hio account,” wrote addy_ke.

Last month the musician shared his happiness after the Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga recognized his ‘tabia za wakenya’ song on Twitter.

“Kumbe Rao Uskiza Genge!!!! I am Grateful #SikuHiziNiKuBad,” wrote Mejja.

The former Prime Minister had said that the words in the song ‘tabia za wakenya’ are true and reflect how Kenyans behave.

“Mejja’s Tabia za Wakenya hit was playing somewhere this morning and it got me thinking it is true! Masaa na mkenya lazima atachelewa lakini sherehe?!… Our musicians are really creative,” wrote Raila.

Kenyans also applauded the politician for recognizing gengetone music and musicians.

By: Emmaline Owuor