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Mejja Laments After New Song Is Pulled Down From YouTube


Gengetone artist Mejja has expressed his disappointment after his brand new song ‘Maisha Tiki’ was pulled down from Youtube.

The musician however says that the deletion of the song has given him the courage to work hard and produce other songs.

He has also said that people should stop using other people’s hard work in order to bring them down in the industry.

“Lyric Video Gone!!!! NiKo Bila Words Uwezi JiNufaisha Na Jasho Ya Mtu, YaaNi Ni Opposite Kwangu Mzing Siwachi Kuzidi!!!! GOD ABOVE EVERYTHING,” wrote Mejja.

Mejja had previously posted a screenshot from YouTube claiming that his song had been reported for copyright issues.

He however assured his fans that he was working hard to ensure that the song remains on YouTube.

“Nishazoea!!!! Anyway working on it. If I recover it well and good, but if they also pull it down completely it is still okay. God is there,” Mejja captioned.


This did not happen as the lyrics video of the song was deleted from YouTube over copyright claims.

Netizens requested the musician to release a brand new song to celebrate after president Uhuru lifted the dusk to dawn curfew.

He did not fail his loyal fans and released the ‘Maisha Tiki’ song on the same day he was requested which surprised a lot of fans.

Before being deleted, the song had gained more than 1 million views within a period of one week.