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Mejja responds after Parroty claimed he was denied an interview because Mejja wasn’t around


Genge rapper Mejja has been to issue a statement after gengetone singer Parroty Vunulu accused Kiss 100 of cancelling their scheduled interview because Mejja did not show up.

In a statement shared online, Mejja said he had previously communicated that he would not be available for the said interview.

He added that he had only talked to Parroty but had no clue the interview had been confirmed adding that he thought it was still being planned.

He added that he had said he would be travelling on Monday and would only be available for the interview if it would be slated for a later day.

Mejja who featured in Lewa with Parroty, Kabagazi and OneBoy said he is working on calming the friction between the two parties.


“NiMeingia Internet NaKuTa Kumewaka MoTo, My Side Of The Story Ni I Was Called By @parroty_vunulu And I Told Him I Am Not Available Juu NiLiKuwa Na Travel Na Mtoi Leo Na Hiyo Time Ndio AliKuwa AnaPanga INTERVIEW No One Told Me WaliKuwa Washa Call @kiss100kenya , To Me NiLiKuwa NiMe Explain Monday Hivo, Cheki Kitu Inaendelea Hapa Ni Break Down In Communication Na Emotions ZiKo High, To Be Fair To @kiss100kenya Walianza Kucheza Hiyo Ngoma Ikiwa Mpya Mpaka NiMe Post Kwa IG Yangu @jalangoo Na @kamenegoro WakiJam Na Ngoma You Can Check The Date, Cheki Mimi Ni Mse Wa MIMEA NDIO SIPENDI Ma Drama Mob NaTaKa Kuseti MoJa NiKiomba Watu Wa Calm Down TAFADHALI I Will Work On The Background KuTuLie Side Yote And I Respect Both Side And We Are All Humans Shukran Wagenge GODBLESS,” wrote Mejja.

His statement comes shortly after Parroty Vunulu called out Kiss 100, accusing them of turning them down on an interview after they had arrived at the station.

Parroty claimed that the producer of the show told them that they only recognize Mejja and the interview couldn’t go on without him.

“I can’t believe our Kenyan media are still discriminating 254 Artists. Just imagine @Kiss100Kenya called us for a radio interview today 8.45am only to get there with @itskabagazi and @oneby_01 and the Producer told us that they only want @mejjagenge ati sisi hawatutambui. Very disappointed by Kiss Fm. Kidole cha Kati,” said Parroty Vunulu.