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Mejja says no to proud Wasafi Records’ artist…Comedian lands in trouble over failed kissing prank. Here are this week’s top stories


This netizens learned that Mejja turned down an offer to work with an unnamed artist from Wasafi records. Prankster Nicki Bigfish also landed in trouble for kissing someone’s lady. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. Mejja says no to proud Wasafi records artist

Kenyan singer Mejja recently revealed that he said no to an artist from Diamond’s Wasafi Records.

Speaking in an interview with Youtuber The Kenyan Entrepreneur, Mejja said he was recently approached by an artiste from WCB but he turned down the deal.

He revealed that after turning down the deal, he was called by Willy M Tuva who wanted to know why he turned down the deal.

The singer said he felt like the artiste was being rude to him rather than being humble.

“Hata Juzi nilipigiwa simu na Tuva. Mimi nilipigiwa simu na Willy Tuva kwasababu nilikataa kufanya ngoma na Wasafi. Ako like “Eh naskia joh Wasafi walikupigia simu ukakataa kufanya ngoma nao. Mimi narespect sana wasanii, napenda kufanya vitu vi authentic lakini Yule mtu aliniapproach kwa Instagram, alinifanya nifeel nikama ananifanyia favour Na saa hizo ni text sa naimagine huyu msee angeongea live, ningempiga ngumi ” He said

He added that he is on a mission to take genge to the world just the same way people listen to Lingala without understanding a word.

“Mimi staki nikue labeled atu nilifanya ngoma na Wasafi..Nataka ikue njia ingine. Nataka kuonyesha wakenya that unaeza enda hii njia ingine na inawork. Wakenya pia wanafaa kuangalia venye mtu ana approach vitu…Agenda yangu ni kushika Africa.” He added

Mejja further added that he is however in talks with other Tanzanian, Zambian and Nigerian artistes and soon the projects will drop.

  1. Nicki Bigfish’s troublesome kiss

Kenyan prankster Nicki Bigfish has been in the news lately for all the wrong reason.

The man recently revealed he almost got shot after a prank went wrong, but this is not an isolated incident, there was a time he was also hospitalized after being roughed up.

The ‘Jibonge’ prankster is now alleging that he is being threatened by jilted boyfriend.

Nicki had earlier shared a video on his Instagram where he took one of his street pranks too far and kissed a lady on the streets of Nairobi.

Moments after sharing the video, the lady’s boyfriend slid into his DM and asked him to be respectful of ladies and people’s relationships.

“Vipi bro, I really respect you and I would like you to respect me too juu hii comedy yako sasa naona umeipeleka too far. Hii sasa ni ushenzi, dem ako na boyfriend nab ado unamforce kukiss?” asked the fan

The comedian shared the screenshot of his conversation with the jilted man on social media. He further defended himself saying the lady was over 18 and able to make her own decisions in the moment.

The man however refused to back down and even went on to threaten the controversial actor’s life.

  1. Harmonize’s fake Diamond speaks

A male Tanzanian video vixen who caused ripples after featuring in Harmonize’s latest song ‘Ushamba’ also broke his silence over the controversy.

The man who featured in Harmonize’s song as Diamond Platnumz says he had no intention of portraying Diamond in Bad light.

He claims he feels like the singer used him to fuel his beef with the WCB CEO.

Speaking to Tanzanian reporters, the video vixen said Harmonize had assured him that it had nothing to do with his beef with Diamond.

“I am not happy with how things turned out…I had talked to Harmonize after meeting him and he said he had no ill intention with me acting as Diamond in the song. They even brought a lady and directed me on what to do.” He said

The vixen further added that he was even paid a good amount of money which they had agreed on with Harmonize’s management.

“When the guy approached me, we agreed on how much I will be paid and they even paid me but I’m still not happy with how this turned out and I don’t want any part in Diamond and Harmonize’s beef.” He added

In his latest song dubbed ‘Ushamba’ Harmonize hinted that the son of Sandra used to brag about the number of women he has slept with.

Harmonize even went ahead to use a Diamond Platnumz look alike for the video.

“Mmmh malejendi si wamerudisha vita wanahofia eti jeshi anawapita bila sababu wananikunjia ndita

eeh huo ni ushamba, limechoka acha nilikalagaze halina meno ilo simba zeee, likila demu lazima litangaze huo tunaita eeeh huo ni ushamba” Harmonize sings in the song

The song has since elicited mixed reactions with Diamond’s camp arguing that Harmonize is using Diamond’s name for clout.

  1. Khaligraph’s Range Rover damaged

Rapper Brian Ouko popularly known as Khaligraph Jones also fired some serious shots after someone keyed his car.

In a post shared on his Insta stories, OG revealed that he parked his car somewhere only to come back and find it with a scratch on the door.

“Manze haters, haters, why would you do this to the Ranger My Niggah, who the ***k did this.. Mahater mnanigwaria gari” he said

The rapper however did not reveal where the incident happened but hinted that he was not home.

In another post he shared a video bonding with his son Lu moments after returning home following the unfortunate incident.

  1. Timmy Tdat steals Comedian’s slogan

Controversial rapper Timmy Tdat was also called out by fans after using upcoming comedian Vanessa Akinyi’s voice in his latest song without giving credit.

The comedian popularly known as Cartoon became an internet sensation after dropping her funny clip dubbed inaniaffect.

In the short clip, Cartoon causes drama while leaving her man saying hse has had enough of his English saying that it is affecting her.

Well Timmy’s latest song with the same tittle as the clip has also used Cartoon’s voice from the clip as his song’s chorus.

Fans are however angered by the fact that the young upcoming comedian has not been credited anywhere on Timmy’s song, in fact there is no mention of her anywhere.

Fans are now asking the controversial rapper to acknowledge the young comedian and give credit or pay for the rights to use her voice in his song.


Eryc oyugi: mhhh just from watching cartoon on jalas TV …. i hope you guys will pay her a certain percentage of revenue collected from youtube views on this clip …… or are you guys on contract with her for using her slogan?

Joyce Ngina: I think mnge appreciate cartoon kwa hii ngoma ama mpigwe copyright…. Shame on you aki….. #be fair

Newton Carlos: You could have featured cartoon as well

Boniface charo: Vida kali Kasoro ni Cartoon ako wapi..?

Elizabeth Kolite: Should have included” ft Cartoon Comedian ??”