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Men, you Can Now Cancel Your Gym Membership and Put On Some FAKE MUSCLE SHIRT. (Pics)


menLadies are often swept away by a man’s full chest, boobs and the stupid illusion of a muscular toned physique. Little do they know the pain that comes with the package, and oh….an expensive gym membership plan.

So,with a world full of fakes and endless lies beneath the carpet, a certain company is reaping loads of money from lazy men courtesy of the supper fake muscle t-shirt. The apparel is presumably made of a comfortable foam—that of course accentuate your shoulder, bicep, lat, pectoral, and shoulder muscles. Worn by itself the fake muscles are easy to spot, but when worn under another shirt no one will be able to tell you don’t spend every morning at the gym. And the plates supposedly even feel like real muscle, so no one will be the wiser until you’re forced to take your shirt off. Which means that if you spill on yourself, you’ll be wearing that stained shirt all day until you get home.

Whoa whoa! but hold on there, what if you manage to sweep her feet, take her home and she spots the lie?? Brother…! I suppose hiding in Puerto Rico will do lots of favor.

Men, would you wear the fake Muscle Tshirt under any circumstance???

Check it out;

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