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Men, here is how to get her screaming your name


sexLet’s face it; all guys think about how they’re doing in the sack and in the current pressures of the society we are living in, a man is considered Alpha from his ability to make a woman scream out his name. So how can a man ensure he stays at the top of the ‘mafisi’ ranking? Is it in the size of their member or is it in knowing where to hit and how? Here are five ways for men to keep their game in check

Size ni wewe.

There is this heavy notion that ‘kubeba’ ndio game. Just like the devil is a liar so is this notion. Ladies will tell you that there is nothing as annoying than a man who has got 9 inches in the boxers but has no clue how to freak this machine. This is where you would have a lady say nifunike ukimaliza. So the secret is in a man working with what he has, to score. Even with your two inches, you still got hope, just know her buttons and G and you will be the next king in town.


Sex is an art.

A number of women are unable to climax through vaginal penetration and so if this is the only card you play as a man, you might be rearing chicken for someone else to eat. Making love is an art, from foreplay incorporate oral and manual stimulation into your game plan. Be creative

Let her guide you.

The most common mistake men make is assuming they know what ladies want. We are not a general science. What is good for Fatuma might make me go cold. You want to know how to love me? Ask me. Talk to me between groans and ask what I want you to do with me. Communication is a great libido booster for women and can solve a lot of awkwardness before the sexual relationship turns south.


Exercise every day.

With all the vitambis going around, there is nothing as disturbing as a man who pants and sweats all over you like someone suffering from a mixture of diarrhoea and a heart attack. Then to add insult to injury finish the race before it even starts. Such a turn off.  Regular exercise will boost your confidence and ensure you can go for longer. It also increases your testosterone naturally.sex4

Groom for heaven sake.

Women have been under fire for pulling ridsect T-shirts and torn stockings at bed time but men too slack in good grooming especially if it’s going down. A good shave and great scent in bed will definitely be enough motivation for your woman to dump the branded T for a lingerie.