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Men twerk for PS5… Bahati suffers a major blow and other stories that topped this week’s entertainment news

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Of men shaking their booties for a Play Station five console and celebrity Yiutube accounts being reported. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. PS5 Twerkathon

Sony Entertainment recently unveiled its latest gaming console the Play Station 5 (PS5) and men went into overdrive trying to figure out how they will afford it.

And as men took to social media to express their desire to own the latest bad boy of the gaming world, one lady saw an opportunity to get some free entertainment.

A South African accountant only identified as Phume decided to pull one major prank on the boy child by announcing a fake PS5 giveaway in exchange for something small but tasking.

Phume asked guys to head on to her Instagram live and twerk for her for a chance to win the console.

At first, guys brushed off her call and assured her that no man in his right senses would fall for the accountant’s request. Smh!

A host of guys thronged her insta live to shake their booties for a chance to win the gaming console.

Some even came armed with props to make their act stand out from the rest.

Instagram and Twitter went crazy on Monday night with a #TwerkForPhume hashtag as men proved they can do best what society flaunts as women’s field of expertise.

After the insta live, the travel and fitness enthusiast went silent and men assumed no one will win the brand new PS5 and boy did men rant on twitter.

  1. Otile Brown’s lady

Otile Brown’s Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet recently responded to her man’s recent comments on Masturbation.

While in a recent interview, Otile Brown narrated how the travel restrictions imposed as a way to curb spead of Covid-19 has taken a toll on his relationship.

The singer said the long distance relationship with his bae who resides in Australia has not been easy and has in fact taken a toll on his sex life.

“Tunanyonga tu! Utafanya nini sasa! Nikimsubiri na anasupport mnyongo huo, amasema keep doing what you are doing. Anajua with that now, at least boy wake nimetulia” Otile Brown

Speaking in an Instalive with Shaffie Weru, Otile’s lady Nabayet said that she saw his recent statements and further added that she does not mind.

“I saw that; I saw a lot of messages the next day. It was hilarious, but definitely I’m gone come. Ones the borders are open, that would be my first destination. I do check on that every day, so there was nothing new and that’s good it should be appreciated. In fact, it should be something that should be looked up to, I think” she said

The lass further added that the long distance dating has not been easy on them but their bond remains unshaken.

“Long distance is the hardest thing I have ever experienced. I used to preach that long distance is a no go zone. But what happens is when you create that bond with someone, whether the situation is hard or not, you just have to fight for it. We tried calling it quits so many times. People always gonna come up with stories as to why we are not together, ooh they broke up, somebody cheated, but that was never the case. sometimes you just feel tired of fighting, but if the bond is strong enough you will always find a way” she added

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  1. Bahati’s latest song

Controversial singer Kevin Bahati popularly known as Bahati on Tuesday suffered a major setback after his number one trending song dubbed Wanani was pulled down from streaming platform Youtube.

The copyright violation was filed by a Kenyan two boy band called Jivu, known for their Afro-Fusion Style of music.

The song which was released five days ago, was trending at number one on YouTube and had already garnered a lot of views before it got deleted from the streaming platform.

The song was later re-uploaded on the streaming platform and currently has over 300k views.

  1. Ringtone Vs, Xtian Dela

Controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko gave his response to allegations that he introduced vlogger Xtian Dela to alcohol.

During a recent interview on Bonga na Jalas, Xtian pointed out the hypocrisy in the Kenyan gospel industry saying that it made him ditch the industry.

Xtian said that singer Willy Paul was one of the artistes he saw take alcohol in secret during his days in the gospel industry.

Xtian also said that singer Alex Apoko was the one who introduced him to alcohol after serving him a bottle of Asconi wine during one of the visits at his Runda home.

And I can´t lie. Almost 80% of the gospel industry artistes, take alcohol, weed and just fornicate even more than secular artistes. Tunaenda event, alcohol is being served and a very famous DJ is sipping alcohol from below his seat and places it back. Ni vizuri Pozze ameanza kukunywa siku hizi. Ni poa. Alikuwa anajificha sana. Pozze chafua, be you! Nimeanza na Pozze. Ringtone, where are you? Are you seeing me? I love Ringtone very much bro. We’ve ever gone to his famous house in Runda and he introduced me to some red sweet dessert wine and this made me change my life completely. Ringtone knows how to marinate people.” He said

Ringtone has now responded saying that he has no clue who Xtian is adding that he has never invited him to his home.

“I normally invite people to my home and sometimes they come with their friends. In those parties, I have an assortment of wines for those guests who want wine. I don’t know him. We are not friends. Let him produce the messages.” Ringtone said

  1. Otile Brown..Meek Mill concert

Otile Brown to pay for Meek Mill’s concert in Kenya

Kenyan RnB star Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown has expressed his desire to have American rapper Meek Mill perform in Kenya.

In a post shared on his Instagram account, Otile Brown tasked a group of people with bringing the rapper to Kenya adding that he is willing to fund the concert.

“When this pandemic is over @nrgradioke @telehmani@ juma777999 @a1entke @joho_001 y’all bring @meekmill Meek Mill ntalipa. Blessed Sunday,” he wrote.

Shaq the Youngin who was also tagged on the post commented under the ‘Just In Love’ singer’s post, saying: “Let’s set it up @nrgradioke @otilebrown”.