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‘Men’s Conference Chairman’ Mzee Jackson Kibor Is Dead


Jackson Kiprotich Kibor popularly known as the Chairman of Men’s conference is dead.

Jackson died on Wednesday at St. Luke’s hospital in Eldored after a long illness. The chairman was In his late 80s.

He was considered by many especially men to be the unofficial chairperson of the annual men’s conference.

This is after he made headlines for years following his polygamous life and numerous divorces.

This in turn gave birth to many fights with his children who also wanted a share of his large estate.

 He had four wives and 26 children. One of his wives is however dead.


In 2017, he was allowed to divorce his third wife, this is after hedivorced his second wife.

His name would always trend during Valentine’s Day with men who do not value the day claiming they will attend a men’s conference chaired by Mzee Kibor.

In 2019, he addressed his first men’s conference in Eldoret where he advised men to be firm, non-violent and not let their women control them.

Kaa tu na mama, mama ni mzuri kama ako na heshima yake. Kuna mama wengine wazuri sana na kuna wale wabaya,” Kibor said.

Kibor has been on medical oxygen since October 2020 after he contracted COVID-19.