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mentally Ill Boy Killed By Mob In Mistaken Identity


A mentally ill man was yesterday morning beaten to death by a mob in Mathare slums over mistaken identity.

Twenty seven year old Erick Oduor was beaten to death by a mob that mistook him for a thief.

Oduor’s mother Brigit Awuor says that her son who was a student at the Kenyatta University had stayed at home for quite some time after suffering a mental illness.

Awuor says that report of her son’s death was given to her by her younger son who was called by a good Samaritan that his brother had been killed.

“He had deep panga cuts on the head and had injuries on the body as well. One good Samaritan says that when he was being beaten, Eric was calling the name of his brother Joash that is when they realized that it was someone they knew very well,” said Awuor.

Awuor says that after Joash was alerted about his brother’s attacked he went home and told her.

“I then sought to get a motorbike in the wee hours of the morning and by the time we were finding one, we received a call that Eric was already gone,” she says.

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The issue has reportedly brought a lot of tension in Mathare 4 A with a section of the youth threatening to revenge the death of Oduor.


“They even wanted to burn down the houses of the perpetrators but I calmed them down and asked them not to do that since it might cause a lot of damage even to other innocent people,” she said.

One person has however been arrested in connection with the killing and is currently at the Muthaiga Police Station.

Police are hunting for the other two people.

Oduor’s body is being preserved at the KU Mortuary.