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Mentally ill homeless girl stranded with one month old twins in Kiamaiko slums


mentallyA mentally challenged girl is stranded in the alleys of Nairobi’s Kiamaiko slums with her one month old twins

The girl who reportedly bore her twins from a rape ordeal has been surviving from handouts dished out to her by well wishers.

Margaret Muthoni a social worker who has been helping the girl says she is at a high risk of another sexual abuse due to her lack of shelter.

“Kiamaiko is not a very safe place for a mentally challenged girl. I have had discussions with her and from what i garner she just wants to be with her children. It’s very painful,” she further narrates.

Muthoni added that both the girl and her children are in bad health since she has no food to eat and therefore she cannot breastfeed her children well.

“Her breasts do not have enough milk and her attempts to breastfeed the baby are not very fruitful as the babies keep crying for lack of enough milk,” says Muthoni.

Muthoni has been helping the girl by occasionally buying her some food and diapers but says her efforts are not enough.

“The babies are only one month old, and they might die if they are not well taken care of,” said Muthoni.

She is calling on well-wishers to rescue the girl and get her a home where she can be accommodated with the children.