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Mercy Masika Speaks About Her ‘Looks’ Insecurities (Pics)


mercy3Have you ever looked at yourself before the mirror and liked what you saw?? That is called self-appreciation. Knowing you are undoubtedly beautiful. But that wasn’t the case with fast rising gospel songstress,one Mercy Masika who always thought she was ugly.

Mercy took to her Instagram account to testify how the devil ruined her in the past,deceiving her that she was too ugly. It got worse as Mercy never accepted her “ugly” self.

For a long time I thought I was ugly. Wasn’t that devil a liar? But the more I love God the more beautiful I feel about myself. God defines me. Halleluyah,” captioned Mercy.

However,fans and followers of the “Mwema” hit maker were a little taken aback with the confession reminding her of her beauty-which is undoubtedly clear by the way.

Once a secular now Gospel,Lady Bee also shared her sentiments in this regards by commenting;
Alishindwa 2000 years ago na uwongo zake…You are so beautiful siz (He [the devil] was defeated 2000 years ago. His lies too did not work. You are so beautiful sister [Mercy Masika]).  (Sic)”

Mercy’s musical journey dates from when she was 12 years. At the tender age,she had a debut album and an year later she formed a music group. She later became a choir leader in high school at Machakos Girls before joining Daystar University in 2002 where he worshipping quest and thirst took a different course.

Her image,like any other person’s have changed and graduated from glory to glory. Check out how she looked back then and the screenshot she lamented on the devil’s lies;