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Meru MCA blocks Sailor Gang from leaving demands to party with them


Sailors gang were found themselves in a tight spot after an MCA in Meru blocked them from leaving because he wanted to go partying with them.

The group’s manager, Mwalimu Rachel called out the MCA for interfering with the group’s schedule as they were meant to head over to Meru for a performance.

According to a post on social media, the said MCA blocked the group’s driver from picking them up and taking them to Kitale where they were expected because he wanted to go drinking with them.

The MCA event insisted he will personally drive the group to Kitale after partying.

“A mere MCA derailing our work as management and flaunting your small small money so that you show Sailors what? Derailing them to go party when they’re building their future!? You want to support them? How about reach out earlier and provide a car with a driver and jaza mafuta. Don’t just come there with your chest saying you will drive them. Who are you? We don’t know you! Such disrespect.” Said Mwalimu Rachel

Mwalimu Rachel also went on to caution upcoming artistes against accepting cheap pleasantries arguing that it kills talent.

“Nimejionea mengi sana managing @sailors254. But today morning was one for the books. Dear upcoming artists (please tag them and caution them, KOT) pay attention. Msizoee vya bure!! THIS is how talent DIES in Kenya amongst the youth” she added