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  • Michael Jordan is ashamed of son who wants to marry former team mate Pippen’s wife.
  • During Michael Jordan’s stellar basketball  career he had a rift with Pippen.
  • The son, Marcus Jordan has requested his father to be his best man during his wedding with Larsa Pippen.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan is ashamed of his son, Marcus Jordan who wants to marry his former team mate Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen.

The development seems unpalatable to Michael Jordan who had a rift with Pippen during his active days as a player.

In his memoir, Unguarded Pippen disclosed that he was never close to Michael Jordan.

Pippen further revealed that Jordan used the documentary ‘The Last Dance’ to glorify himself and make more than $10 million at the expense of his former team mates.

According to Pippen, Jordan was just a horrible player.

While commenting on his son’s affair with Larsa Pippen, Jordan was in disapproval of their relationship.

As much as Larsa Pippen was heartbroken with the news, she’s still romantically involved with Marcus Jordan.

Larsa and Marcus have a 17 year age gap with the former being 49 and the latter 32.

From her previous marriage with Pippen, Larsa sired 4 children with the former basketball star.

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Upon her divorce with Pippen, Larsa has dated other men both sportsmen and celebrities.

She dated rapper Future, NBA stars Tristan Thompson and Malik Beasley before hooking up with Marcus Jordan.

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Marcus Jordan Wants His Father To Be His ‘Best Man’

Despite Michael Jordan disapproval of his son’s relationship with Larsa Pippen, the younger Jordan has requested his father to be his best man during his wedding with Larsa Pippen.

Marcus who’s also a basketball player opined that he’s looking forward for his father’s nod so as to carry on with their traditions.

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“I  was the best man at his wedding and the best man at my brother’s wedding so obviously, we’ll keep the traditions going” stated Marcus during a podcast.

Critics point out that Michael Jordan is not only against his son marrying his rival’s ex-wife but also due to the huge age difference between the two noting that Larsa’s age won’t allow her to have a child with Marcus.

Will Michael Jordan heed to his son’s call for ‘Best Man’? Only time will tell.


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