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Miguna Miguna lands in Canada to a heroic welcome

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National Resistance Movement self proclaimed General Miguna Miguna yesterday received a heroic welcome from supporters upon landing in Toronto, Canada.

Miguna who was dramatically deported from Kenya had a handful of people receive him at the airport shouting General and Aluta Continua chants.

A video taken at the airport shows Miguna in sandals and a plastic bag in hand bearing his shoes.

“It is not easy to kill a revolutionary,” he said.

“Am solid and we are as solid as a granite, we are focused as a laser bin and they must be defeated, and they will be defeated. It is just a question of time. It is not about if or when, it will happen, these people are going down faster than you can believe,” he said.

Miguna also narrated how he was treated in an inhumane manner by the police being denied food and only having two meals in the six days.

“I was kept stand for most of the time, i only lay on the ground for two day on cold cement.  have not taken a shower in six days. I had an onset pneumonia but not asthma,” he said.

He stated how he used his shoes as a pillow on the cold floor.

The government has maintained that it deported Miguna after renouncing his Kenyan Citizenship which he blatantly denies.

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