Former Nairobi County governor Mbuvi Kioko popularly known as Mike Sonko has shared the experience he has had from the use of khat juice commonly known as ‘jaba juice’.

Taking to his twitter account, the controversial politician seemed to be issuing a warning to his male counterparts as he hinted on the possible effects of the prolonged use of khat on male reproductive health, and why he himself will be staying away from jaba juice.

“BREAKING NEWS Hii Jaba juice sikunywi tena. Unakabwa na mkojo every 2 minutes ukijaribu kukojoa unaskia kukam na cum haitoki, mikojo haitoki. Stick inaingia ndani kama kichwa ya tortoise.” Reads his tweet which has now garnered over three thousand likes.

Many claim that khat  influences the sexual drive and the erectile function, but is it true?

Does Khat Influence Male Sexual Function?

Khat (Catha edulis) is a plant – a stimulant drug that activates the nervous system to respond in the same way as in threatening and dangerous situations.

Despite the foregoing, it appears that men who consume chronically moderate-large amounts of khat might experience erectile dysfunction, possibly because of its effect on the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

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From a review of research findings on the effects of khat chewing on reproductive functions, it appears that regular khat chewing lowers libido in humans and may also lead to sexual impotence.

Over the years, researchers have concluded that khat has a negative impact on human reproductive health, sperm production and blood testosterone levels.

Other literature reviews that were published throughout the years indicate similar results: high amounts of khat consumed long-term might gradually undermine libido and erectile function and induce the involuntary loss of semen (spermatorrhoea) and reduced testosterone levels.



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