From humble beginnings to political stardom, Mike Sonko has become a prominent figure in Kenyan politics. He’s mostly known for his charismatic personality, lavish lifestyle, extravagant fashion sense, and philanthropic endeavours.

In summary:

• The birth and origin of Mike Mbuvi Sonko born, Gideon Mbuvi Kioko.

• The former Governor’s venture into The sonko Rescue Team and his sudden rise to fame & fortune.

• Sonko’s social media presence and the reactions from Netizens.

In a world where politicians live more flamboyant lives than their loyal subjects, there are but a few who can rival the larger-than-life persona of one Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

Sonko’s Origin

Born Mbuvi Gideon Kioko, Sonko grew up in a poverty-stricken household. Through sheer will, relentless hard work and perhaps a little luck, Sonko embarked on a journey of success that would eventually transform him into one of Kenya’s most prominent personalities.

Sonko’s rise to fame and fortune began during his business ventures. He reportedly started by hawking second-hand clothes in the streets of Nairobi.

Young Sonko in Mombasa

With an uncanny knack for entrepreneurship, he expanded his business ventures and later on in life came to venture into real estate, transportation, and politics.

However, Sonko’s lavish lifestyle is not the only thing that sets him apart from other politicians. His unique sense of style has become a brand and a signature to his personality.

Sonko Rescue Team

Sonko’s introduction into politics came in 2010 when he was elected as the MP for Makadara Constituency, Nairobi.

In 2015, though arguable, his most influential endeavour was formed. The Sonko Rescue Team. This agency was privately formed to assist any and all citizens who had been failed by the acting government. More specifically, the governance of his then predecessor, Evans Kidero; the first governor of Nairobi.

At the time, it seemed like The Sonko Rescue Team was exactly what Nairobi county and the nation needed. They helped put out fires and mitigate such disasters in the community, S.R.T funded youth projects and initiatives, sponsored maternal care for women.

The S.R.T even went as far as to foot the bills for burial & wedding ceremonies. It got to a point where the county services actually started competing with the S.R.T in availability to avoid the undermining of the county administration.

Needless to say, this was very much in favour of the common mwananchi.

Sonko’s Twitter Fingers.

Mike Sonko’s recent social media exploits have dragged him back into the limelight as Kenyans draw conclusions from what he puts out there for all to see.

From his flamboyant clothing choices to his collection of luxury cars and jewelry. Sonko’s social media page leaves Kenyans questioning whether they made the right choices in life.

A video of Sonko flashing wads of hundred dollar bills and opening plastic bags full of cash straight from the Bank of Africa has garnered both admiration and criticism, with some viewing him as a symbol of success and others as a show-off.

Netizens React

Despite the ups and downs, Mike Sonko remains a force to be reckoned with in Kenyan politics. His larger-than-life persona, combined with his dedication to philanthropy and his ambitious vision for Nairobi, has made him an influential figure among Kenyans. This is despite having held the Governor’s mantle and being unable to blaze the trail in the very revolution he seemed to champion.

By J.K.Raminya

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