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‘Nikikufa ghasia asijaribu kunipost’ Willy Paul breaths fires on Kenyan artists


Controversial singer Willy Paul has called out Kenyan artistes, accusing them of being jealous of his work.

In a post shared online, Pozee said Kenyan artistes have a tendency to ignore fellow artistes whenever they release their music, but are quick to post the same artistes on social media when they die.

The singer cited the example of his recent album dubbed Songs of Solomon, arguing that other artistes have not shared his work, because they are jealous.

He further pointed out that jealousy in the Kenyan music industry is what has dragged it behind adding that this fact has made countries like Nigeria, and Tanzania to dominate Kenyan airwaves.

The singer now says that no Kenyan artiste should post his photos when he dies.

Willy Paul’s post

 “Kenyans artist wakona wivu moja safi.. If you do something nice while alive they ignore lol.. Alafu ukikufa ndio kila mtu anajua kuku post ati mara ooh he was a very talented young man bla bla bla.. Mimi nikikufa ghasia asijaribu kunipost ama nita fufuka nimfinye balls ala!! So i just released a very dope album #songsofsolomonalbum amd they’re all silent coz wako tu na wivu, wivu yenye inafanya tz, nigeria wanatuzidi tu!! Get this, yaani im here to stay wasee!!! Kwa wale few artists wame support the album big up.. Kwa wale wanajifanya hawaoni juu ya wivu pia big up.. Corona iishe tupatane kwa ground ala!!” wrote Willy Paul.

The singer who is well known for being vocal once called out Boomplay music for ignoring his attempts to work with them.