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Milly Chebby responds to claims that she is still beefing with Milly Wajesus


Terence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby has refuted reports doing rounds that she has beef with Milly Wa Jesus.

Milly Chebby says that their recent disconnect is as a result of their busy schedules and pursuit of their personal content.

“We are still friends just that we got busy; everyone started focusing on their contents. True to the World, I have nothing against them. It’s been two years mehn kwani unaeza kua na roho inakaa aje ukishinda umebebea mtu,”

Chebby says that they however meet in events and say hi to each other and are also working on some projects together.

“We actually meet in events and say hi to each other. There are projects we are doing together. It would be too inhuman to stay two years down and you’re still beefing .I actually appreciate what they do and I’m a big fan of them, said Chebby.

According to Chebby, talking about the beef is like opening a wound that does not exist.

“No comment, siwezi  taka kufungua kidonda haiko so for now know we’re just fine, the content creator added.

Milly Wa Jesus and Milly Chebby are both vibrant content creators on top of being wives to top Kenyan celebrities.

The two women of zeal have marked a tremendous excellence in seeking excellence in their endeavours and motivation to many families out there.