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Ministry Of Health Warns Against Harmful Contraceptive Pill

Ministry of Health has cautioned the public against the use a contraceptive pill circulating in the market linked to adverse health effects on the user.

Speaking during a meeting ahead of the World Contraception Day, Ministry of Health says that the herbal pill was found to contain high level of oestrogen and progesterone hormones.

Ministry of Health Programmes Manager Albert Ndwiga says that the hormonal pill has been peddled as a contraceptive pill that is taken once per month.

“The tablet is not herbal at all it contains very high levels of oestrogen and progesterone that are toxic,” said Ndwiga.

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“You see children being born that develop what we call precautious puberty others boys are born and fail to develop secondary sexual characteristics which include what we call genitalia growth.”

The pill allegedly found its way in the country in 2018 and were suspected to have been sold in Nakuru town.

Implant is currently the most preferred mode of contraceptive in the country. The pill is the second preferred mode of family planning followed by IUD.