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Mjengo guy who wowed Kenyans with beautiful voice bags recording deal


For the past two days a Kenyan guy working in a construction site has been trending on social media thanks to his beautiful voice.

The guy identified as Alex Mbugua alias Jamsta had shared a video singing D-Major’s song “Girl of my dreams wowing Kenyans with his prowess.

Netizens lauded the man and even went on to share the video asking local celebrities to help him venture into music.

Speaking to a local publication, Jamsta who shared the video on twitter said he had not expected it to trend.

He said he has been uploading various covers on twitter but has never gotten this much attention.

“I was just recording for the sheer joy of it because I have been doing so more often. I recorded some and posted them on twitter and they ended up getting like 10 retweets. I don’t do music for fame, because to me it’s a passion. I didn’t know it would go viral, I just posted it and requested a few people to retweet it, like Churchill and they did and I guess that is where it blew up,” said Jamsta.

Thanks to his video going viral, the young man has bagged a free music recording deal with veteran music producer Tedd Josiah.

Producer Tim Rimbui also asked the young man to reach out to him for a project.

“He called me yesterday and we had an awesome conversation and we are to meet and see how we gonna do it” Jamsta told the media house

The young man further narrated his plight on how he recorded music at a local studio only for the studio to be robbed before his song dropped.

He now says he looks up to American singer Craig David and Sautoi Sol and hopes to work with the band some day.

“I had recorded one song but unfortunately everything from the studio I was working from got stolen and I lost the song and I did not have the money to re-do the song, so I just kept it in my mind. It was a relationship riddim version. My role model is Craig David, I have listened to him since I was a kid, I have been a great fan of him. Locally Sauti Sol and Otile Brown” he said