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Mlango Kubwa Residents Call for Speedy Power Reconnection in the Area

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Mlango Kubwa Residents in Mathare sub-county have now called on Kenya Power Company to speed up the restoration of power in the area.

James Ng’ang’a an area resident who spoke to Ghetto Radio News says the exercise that began last week is too slow.

‘‘We have seen them around excavating to fix ground power cables which is commendable but what is worrying us is when this will be completed….we have been suffering for more than six months, our businesses are going down because we open late in the morning and close early by 7pm,” said Ng’ang’a.

Mlango Kubwa MCA Patricia Mutheu has accused the residents of working with the cartels and covering them up in their illegal activities.

She has asked Mlango Kubwa residents to stop depending on stolen power from cartels in the area.

‘‘The moment you will stop depending on  this  mulika thing then the problem will be solved because we don’t want to encourage a society that is not responsible,’’ she said.

“We can’t have a solution for this problem if we don’t work as a team to deal and smoke out these power cartels. We know them we stay with them but just calling them out is a problem,” Mutheu told Ghetto Radio News.


According to Mathare Deputy County Commissioner Jacob Mwaura, two people lost their lives in one week in the month of May this year due to illegal power connections.

“Before Kenya Power is blamed we must also agree that these illegal connections have cost Kenya Power a lot in revenues…we have also reports of people losing their lives when doing the connections,” she said.

Meanwhile the Kenya Power has not given any timeline as to when they will complete the full reconnection of power in the area.

Mlango Kubwa has been grappling with power problems since last year after Kenya Power launched a massive crackdown on illegal power connections in the city.



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