Mlango Kubwa residents protest against killing of disabled boy by police

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Mlango Kubwa residents are protesting against the killing of a young boy by police officers in the area.

Fiona Achieng an area resident says that the boy was shot dead during a demonstration against the grabbing of a project in the area.

Achieng claims that the disabled boy was shot dead by police who claimed that he was a suspected thug.

“This boy was just demonstrating against the grabbing of projects by the big wigs. Why would the youth who grew up in Mlango Kubwa be passed and projects issued to strangers?” posed Achieng.

“This boy who was a student was disabled and has never hurt a fly,” she added.

She is calling for investigations into the incident and the subsequent arrest of the police officers.

Polisi kazi yao ni kutembea mtaani na kuokota pesa za chang’aa, hawatusaidii,” she stated.