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Mlango Kubwa’s Notorious Thug And Rapist Shot Dead


A notorious thug and rapist in Mathare’s Mlango Kubwa slums was on Monday afternoon shot dead by police.

The thug known as Katombi was reportedly gunned down at around 1 pm at the Ciru Catering Hotel where he was having lunch with his friends.

Eyewitnesses say that police officers stormed the hotel and ordered everyone to remove their caps just to make sure that they got the correct guy.

Abdul Waile a worker at Ciru Catering Hotel says that the police then singled him out of the crowd and shot him at the hotel

“This hotel is visited by many people, you wouldn’t know who is who. So at around lunch time, they came in five boys after eating, a police officer also came in,” narrates Waile.

“The police officer then ordered all of them to remove their caps then asked them to say their names. He then pounced on one of the boys, splattered food all over and caused chaos. Then he shot him dead right at the door as we watched,” says Waile.

Waile says that before he was shot dead he tried to cry for help but could not get any.

Police however insist that the officer was a thug and a rapist hence his name Katombi.

Stareh Sub County Police Commander Julius Kiragu says that Katombi was a rapist and a ring leader of an armed gang.

Kiragu says that on that fateful day, Katobi and his team had robbed a woman and took money from her and a phone.


“This Katombi thug lived in his own world. He took pride in raping and defiling women that is why he was calling himself Katombi,” said Kiragu.

“We were able to recover several phopnes, homade pistol and bullets from his pockets. We have been hunting him for quite some time now,” he said.

Eyewitnesses however say that no weapon was recovered from the suspect at the time of his killing.

Kiragu says that they are still hunting for the other gang members.