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  • Mohbad’s body is set to be exhumed this weekend pending autopsy.
  • Arrests have been made with other suspects ordered to turn themselves in.
  • Demonstrations and night vigils have been witnessed over Mohbad’s death.

The body of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad who died under mysterious circumstances is set to be exhumed pending autopsy.

According to a reliable source, the police have already arrested a nurse who administered an injection to the singer.

They’ve also summoned some suspects to turn themselves in for questioning.

After the autopsy it will take at least two weeks before the report is made public.

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The exhumation process is set for the weekend with many in anticipation.

“They’re going to do the autopsy and everything, they’ve made some arrests, like the nurse has been arrested that one I know…They’ll exhume the body this weekend and start autopsy immediately” she asserted partly.

Demonstrations were also witnessed in large parts of Nigeria with many calling for justice.

Night vigils were also held in his remembrance with Nairobi, Kenya taking part.

Marlian Records owner, Naira Marley(dreadlocked) and his right hand man, Sam Larry PHOTO Courtesy

Befitting Send-off

The source further added that Mohbad will be given a befitting send-off since the previous one never matched his standards.

Word is that Mohbad was burried in an undersized casket with his knees knocked and neck turned at 90 degrees.

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On why his burial was rushed, his father maintained that that was part of Yoruba customs and beliefs.

It states that when a young person dies with both his parents still alive he should be burried immediately.

Naira Marley Is Chief Suspect

The death of Mohbad has attracted world’s attention with many calling for justice.

When he got signed to one of the biggest record label’s in Nigeria, Marlian Records.

Little did he know that that would be the beginning of his woes.

After ditching the record label owned by Naira Marley he was assaulted and tortured.

He was constantly harassed and beaten during video shoots and concerts.

He always lived in constant pain and fear as he nursed wounds inflicted by his oppressors.

He’s on record affirming that, should he die Naira Marley should be held accountable together with his right man, Sam Larry.

Billboard Record

When he was still alive, Mohbad was yet to attain the kind of milestones being witnessed.

Three of his songs made it to the US Billboard Charts competing with the likes of Drake, Nicki Minaj and Shakira.

The songs are “Peace”(#2), “Feel Good”(#5) and “Ask About Me”(#8).


September 22, 2023

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