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Moi Girls Student Who Started Fire That Killed 10 Students Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison


Mililani Law Courts has finally sentenced a teenage Moi Girls student behind the arson that claimed lives of 10 students to five years in jail.

During the sentencing the Justice Stellah Mutuku said the court was in dilemma on whether to give its ruling to the minor or as an adult.

But since the offence was done when the subject had not attained the age of the majority, the subject had to be subjected to basic custodial juvenile punishment and as a minor even though she has attained majority.

“The offence of manslaughter attracts an maimumu imprison ment of up to 10 yeas though not mandatory sentence, and given that the subject had served in custody since conviction, I would sentence the subject TWG to imprisonment of five years in each of the ten counts of murder she is facing, to be served concurrently effective from the day of conviction,”Mutuku said in her verdict citing the fact that the convict had right to appeal within fourteen days.

Among the issues that emerged during the ruling was whether keep the interest of the subject first by applying the noncustodial sentence or to protect the community by incarcerating the subject after the court evaluated the impact statement report of the victims.


“Other courts have dealt with the circumstance where the subject has transitioned from minor to adult, although no case is similar in circumstances,”Mutuku stated.

Justice Mutuku highlighted a 2014 murder trial of the anonymous subject Benjamin Cheruyiot where the appellant was sentenced for life since the subject was 15 years but court of appeal reduced the jail term to 10 years.

However the court acknowledged that children need the society protection from adverse punishment like imprisonment but also ensuring the society is protected from children’s defiant behavior.

William Ogola, a parent to one of the victim described the verdict as a lenient punishment that is not equal to the offence.

“I appreciate the fact that justice has been served though I expected much than what has been served, it has been a long journey but we must now accept what has been served,” Ogola narrated.

The teenage arson suspect was convicted 16th December last year after all the evidence proved her guilty of offence that claimed lives of innocent students in dormitory in Moi Girls in Nairobi.

By Rodgers Oduor