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  • Mombasa artists protest over MCSK peanuts.
  • Recently, MCSK disbursed its first batch of top royalty earners for the past year raising a storm.
  • US based pioneer Genge star, Nonini is leading artists quest in having an accountable entity running creatives affairs. 

Coast based artists led by the likes of Cannibal, Kidis and Chikuzee have protested over MCSK’s recent ‘peanut’ royalty earnings.

In a match of solidarity, the artists held a peaceful demonstration calling out MCSK for misconduct.

According to Kidis, one of the prominent figures taking part in the protest, they  had had enough of MCSK and it was time for their ouster.

kidis further shared his disappointment with other CMO’s like PRISK and KAMP calling for their disbandment”

“Tumechoka na MCSK matapeli waizi…hatutaki MCSK, hatutaki PRISK, hatutaki KAMP, hatutaki CMO’s” partly ranted Kidis amid cheers from his colleagues.

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On the other hand, Chikuzee noted their coming together in fighting for what was rightfully theirs.

“Yaani shughulikieni tupate haki yetu” asserted Chikuzee partly.

Fans Reactions

With their message already out, the internet was also hot following candidly on the happenings.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Mombasa tuko na wasanii wakali kuliko Nairobi plus tuko na kila kitu maisha Uswazi”

“Something has to be done with our entertainment sector in our country, hizi kesi zitatuathiri na ata wale watakuja”

“Daaah kudade** MCSK”

US based Pioneer Genge Star, Nonini PHOTO Courtesy


Nonini Leads MCSK’s Ouster

US based pioneer Genge star, Hurbert Nakitare fondly referred to as Nonini led artists in calling out MCSK for the crumbs offered in the name of royalties.

The man at helm of the creative body, MCSK Ezekiel Mutua also played with fire when he referred to Nonini as a “Fugitive” poking his nose where not needed.

What followed were demonstrations from creatives led by veteran gospel star, Rufftone.

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Veteran music producer, turned entrepreneur, Ted Josiah recently shocked his fans with the revelation that he has never gotten a dime from MCSK.

Joining the fray is also Nadia Mukami among a host of other artists.

The government has also shown its willingness to solve the MCSK debacle.

It has since emerged that artists ought to have earned seven times more from what was earlier announced.

Will creatives finally have the final smile?

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February 28, 2024

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