• More Nurses to be sent to different countries
  • Kenya producing excess nurses

The second group of Kenyan Nurses hired to work in the United Kingdom will travel beginning next week,

A total of seventy six registered nurses were selected in the last three months, however six had already traveled.

The remaining seventy were flagged of yesterday by health Cs Susan Nakhumicha who was accompanied by officials from the ministries of labor ,foreign affairs and the British high commission.

The ministry says that at least 700 nurses had applied to work in the UK.

Those flagged off yesterday will leave in groups starting next week till December, arrangements have been made by the Nursing Council of Kenya who paid their airfare while the receiving institutions in the UK will offer advance ,to help them settle .

Kenyans however expressed dissatisfaction by this move, with some claiming it’s in bad taste while Kenyan hospitals are struggling with a shortage of nurses

 ‘’Where are we headed as a nation honestly speaking? Why do we act in ways that will haunt us in the near future? Most parts of the northern sides don’t have enough hospital/dispensary, yet here we are sending nurse to areas that account for one nurse to two or three patients.’’ read one tweet

Kenya and UK ties

Kenya and UK signed an agreement that would see 20,000 nurses hired within 3 years.

The program was however halted briefly since Kenya had not complied with The World Health Organization requirements to protect Kenyans from excessive migration of Health workers .

“The  Bilateral Labour Agreement between Kenya and the United Kingdom exemplifies the strength and benefits of international collaboration and partnerships,” said Nakhimicha  

In addition the Health Cs says says more nurses will be sent to UK, Saudi Arabia and Germany, since Kenya is producing excess nurses ,the Cs says despite this there won’t be a shortage in Kenya.

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