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More Kikuyu Leaders Condemn Ruto’s Thika Sentiments


More Kikuyu leaders have continued to condemn Deputy President William Ruto for allegedly disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta during a rally at the Thika National Stadium.

The Kikuyu Kiama Kiama Council Of Elders has warned that Ruto’s utterances might spark violence in the country.

Wamuyu Kivoi Chairperson of the council says that they are really saddened by the utterances of the DP who for a long time was Uhuru’s ally.

“Ruto should shun such utterances. It is just that we are Christians and peace loving Kenyans so we cannot also go to Ruto’s backyard and pronounce the same words,” said Kivoi.

Kivoi has described Uhuru as the son of Kiambu who should be accorded all the respect he deserves by Kiambu visitors.


“It breaks our heart that Ruto came here and made such utterance. We are mothers like Mama Ngina and Uhuru is our son. We cannot sit and watch him being disrespected like that,” stated Kivoi.

Ruto last weekend accused Uhuru of causing him and other Tangatanga leaders insurmountable pain during their second term in government.

He made the utterances in Thika flanked by quite a number of MPs from the Mount Kenya Region.

By Milo George