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More Than 500 Traders and  Hawkers  Affected  In Landimawe Demolitions


About  500  hawkers doing business along the Railway line in Nairobi’s Landimawe  ward are now stranded following the demolition of their stalls and shops on Tuesday.

Joyce Wangari one of the demolition victims says that the demolitions were undertaken by the Railways station police together with some county officials who did not give them vacation notice.

‘‘We were not given any notice to this effect,police came themselves and demolished our stalls as we watched helplessly but we did not engage them,’’ Joyce said.

They are now  blaming the police and Nairobi County Government officials for not giving them notice as per the law before  destroying there properties.

‘‘We are now being taken left and right and Sonko is nowhere to help us..we were he cheering Sonko and the president when they were here  now we cannot even reach him,” they said.

Meanwhile 12  traders have been arrested and locked in Railways Police station for unknown counts.

The area has been a tussle ground  between the traders and the company owners for sometimes now.

The police have also warned traders against setting foot or erecting any stalls in the area adding that those who will defy the order will be arrested.