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Mother of Benga singer forced to sit on his grave to prevent mourners from Exhuming his body

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The mother of the late Benga singer Benard Onyango Obonyo popularly known as Abenny Jachinga was on Saturday morning forced to sit on his grave to prevent rowdy mourners from exhuming her son’s body.

This was after the  musician was laid to rest at 2:00 am on Saturday following rowdy mourners who disrupted the funeral on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday mourners woke up to the news that the singer had been buried and immediately rushed to his home in Kolwa East, Kisumu County to exhume the body.

Jachiga’s mother was forced to sit on his grave so that the mourners would leave her home.

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“Mkitaka kutoa Ben kwa kaburi mutaniuwa,mutaniuwa,  (If you want to exhume his body then you have to kill me , kill me) She said


The mourners who spent hours by the singer’s grave kept arguing that he was a respected person and needs to be accorded a proper send off.

On Friday mourners who defied the Covid-19 guidelines pelted police with stones demanding more time to view the body of the fallen star.

They then exhumed the body of the Ohangla star and then temporarily filled his grave with soil, stopping the burial.

Police were forced to lob teargas at the crowd, majority of whom were on motorcycles.