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Mother of five celebrates great performance in KCSE


By Jacob Oluoch

A mother of five children in Rongo, Migori County is in a celebratory mood after she scored Grade C plain in the 2020 KCSE results.

Rehema Anyanyo who sat for her exams at St. Peter Ofuonga School in Rongo is celebrating her exemplary performance despite the challenges of motherhood.

The 30-year-old says that she would go to school during the day and leave her children with her mother-in-law.

At some point she seriously fell ill but did not deter her from continuing with her education.

“I’m am mother of five and that did not stop me from going back to school. I had a dream that one day, I will go back to school and a achieve my dream of becoming a professional agricultural officer. Am very happy today as my results. I scored as follows, Mean grade C, ENG C+ KIS C- MAT E BIO D CHEM D- CRE B+ HIST A- AGR B,” she narrated to Ghetto Radio News.

She says that being a housewife and a student at the same time wasn’t easy. She says that she had to ensure that all kids were well taken care of as the husband was working in a different county.

“It wasn’t easy on my side. Studying from my husband’s house requires a lot of dedication. Since I was a day scholar, I had to ensure first, my kids are well taken care of,” she stated.

“I would leave the house for school after ensuring that my kids had something to eat as the oldest is 13yrs. I do my house chores, do shamba work, attend to my poultry farm and cows as well coz I did not have a house girl. All this could not make me pass,” she added.

Her five kids are aged 13, 11, eight, six and three years.

Unlike other older students who have faced ridicule, Anyango says that her classmates liked her and supported her all through.

Anyango’s husband Maurice Ochola on the other hand congratulated her and promised to allow her pursue further studies.

“It is a joy to us as Ocholla’s Family, she was hardworking though there were challenges. At some point she fell sick in form two but at long last she has made it. Now we are just planning on her agricultural course which she likes most,” said Ochola.

Anyango wants to pursue a course in General Agriculture.