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  • According to Babu the victims have been offered 10 thousand shillings only and ordered to vacate Social Hall.
  • County insists on enough support to the victims saying only 30 families are currently housed at the Hall.


Embakasi East member of parliament Babu Owino has rejected the 10,000 shillings support by Nairobi City County Government to gas explosion victims at  Mradi area.

According to Babu the victims should be given at least 100k each so that they can have rent, food, house items and other basic needs to start new life.

The law maker further claims that the county was only giving the 10 thousand shillings to 25 house holds currently hived at Embakasi Social Hall but not the entire victims.

“Today, we held UNSUCCESSFUL Meeting with the Nairobi County CECs and Chief Officers at Embakasi,the MISCREANT gang has decided to give the HELPLESS EMBAKASI FIRE VICTIMS up to 9PM today to VACATE THEIR Camp at Embakasi Social Hall. We will not allow this to happen. Out of a budget of 245million per year for disaster management, the county government of Nairobi has offered 10k to only 25 victims at the social hall.The total number of victims are 300.Nairobi County Government should give at least 100K to each Victim to help them start life again since they lack rent,clothing,food and children not going to school coz their uniforms and books were razed down by fire.” Owino said in a statement shared in his social media accounts.

County Reaction

Today the County  government team led by County Secretary Patrick Analo Akivanga assessed the situation insisting that the county is doing all it can to resettle the remaining 30 families.

“As of  this morning there are only 30 families remaining in the social where the County Government has been housing and feeding the Majority of the victims have reunited with their respective families and found alternative accommodations.” The statement by County Secretary reads in part.

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