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MP Kicked Out Of Parliament After Showing Up In Chamber With A Baby


Kwale County Woman Rep Zulekha Juma Hassan causes a stir today at the National Assembly chamber after going with her child into the chambers.

Temporary Speaker Chris Omulele stated that Hassan’s move was unprecedented and was against parliament’s standing orders.

Hassan stated that she had to carry her five month old baby to parliament following an emergency she had at home.

“This is my third baby in parliament, i have never done this, i have tried really hard, not to come with my baby, but today i had an emergency, so what was i supposed to do? Miss parliament and miss my duties just because of our a baby, so that’s why i just came with her, i knew i would only stay here for a while and later on i could leave,” she stated.

Hassan further questioned why parliament had not set up a breastfeeding room for mothers with small babies despite parliament passing it in 2013.